Employee requests done right
What if your employees could independently manage requests for things like a new PC, a shipment, or access to a software application? Now imagine that those requests are automatically processed – properly routed, approved by the right person, and tracked. And then think of a system that does all this, but that you can also easily setup and maintain. And yes, the system should provide statistics, interface with your existing applications, and help you manage things like inventory.
In essence, what you really need is a system that disentangles requests from fulfillment – enabling any employee request while providing an interface to fulfillment tools anywhere inside or outside the organization. With SSP6, you have precisely what your organization is looking for.
SSP6 is a self-service portal that manages your employees’ requests and ensures that these are properly fulfilled. It’s an online system that notifies stakeholders of requests and triggers the necessary workflows and approvals. Where needed, SSP6 can interface with any business application, reporting or ticketing system to register and complete the request.

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With SSP6 you enjoy an automated, multi-lingual system to
• Manage any employee request throughout the organization.
• Check for required approvals / completion status, and deny or delegate requests.
• Define workflows and actions such as notifications to vendors or internal staff.
• View reports based on requests made, so you can easily manage logistics, stock levels, license utilization, and more.

SSP6 features a proprietary engine to create workflows and manage actions - from the initiation of a request until its completion. Employees access an intuitive user interface to submit requests, and all relevant parties can track the entire process through a graphical workflow diagram. SSP6 uses a role-based security model, ensuring that only authorized employees and administrators view information that is relevant to them.

SSP6 consists of the following modules

My Items. All your employees’ corporate assets – disk usage, phone invoices, car rental contracts – pulled from external and internal sources and presented in one place.
Request Forms. E asily built by your organization, these gather all required information to efficiently process requests, and are conveniently submitted by employees.
Web Store. Here your employees independently order items, from office supplies to laptops and mobile devices.
Reservations. The one place for employees to reserve items - from cars to meeting rooms to laptops.
Workflow. This is the beating heart of SSP6, ensuring that requests are approved and fulfilled through a defined process.


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