A&D Consultancy guarantees complete guidance in your IT-Project, during these phases:

- Analysis:
Using our own technique of FDF (Full Dynamic Fake), we present the final solution on-screen. You can browse through the complete application, as is was already developed. This methodology has proven its value to deliver rapid and correct applications.

- Development:
A&D Consultancy delivers on-line software solutions. We specialise in cloud solutions, to help you do your job better and faster. Throughout the years, we have developed tools that support:
- Order intake
- Route Planning
- Bug tracking
- Report data graphically
- Manage user Requests
- ...

- Project Management:
As a client, you always have a complete view on progress, timing & budget.

- CIO-on-Demand:
this is a recent addition to our services. We noticed that smaller companies struggle with the choice of having the IT-department in-house or out-sourced. This is not an easy choice and we want to offer our help. Based on our experience and wide network connections, we can share ideas and help you to choose the correct path. This is not done as a permanent position within your organisation, but interim, for example 1 day per week.

Reference List.
During the last 10 years, we had the pleasure to work for big & smaller clients, including: